6 Insider Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment for You

If you’ve just started your commercial kitchen, we’re sure you have your hands full of figuring out things like what kitchen equipment to buy. When it comes to even the most basic commercial kitchen equipment like cooking ovens and ice makers, you know there are tonnes of decisions you have to make here as well. Do you pick a Garland range oven? Do you need an industrial mixer? What kind of food trolleys do you want in your restaurant kitchen?

It can be confusing, we know, but here are some tips from the experts at Channon that will make the process way easier for you!

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant?


  1. Create A Task Flow: Every restaurant is unique – the food, staff strength, number of customers; they all differ. In order to find out what kind of kitchen equipment you need, you have to plot out a task flow first. From the moment a person comes into the restaurant and places an order, what’s the process to cook that food and get it to their table? You have to make sure that you have the right kitchen equipment including commercial catering equipment, for every step of this process.

  1. Do Some Cuisine-Specific Research: If you serve specialised cuisine or dishes, do some research to find out what you’d need to cook it at a commercial level.

  1. Brand Matters: This is not to say you shouldn’t experiment with newer brands that fit your needs, but reputable kitchen equipment brands like Channon have excellent products and very good warranty, which will definitely come in handy.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard: A commercial kitchen is already a crowded space, and you don’t want to waste valuable real estate purchasing equipment you don’t have much use for.

  1. Keep An Eye Out For Counterfeits: Unfortunately, counterfeiters have taken over the restaurant industry as well. The only way to avoid getting cheated is to make your purchases from trusted and reliable sources like

  1. Consider Peripheral Equipment: Do not forget about the equipment you would need to serve the food (like kitchen carts, serving utensils, etc.) Same applies to any commercial cleaning gadgets you would need.

Looking For Reliable Kitchen Equipment in Australia? Get In Touch With Channon!

High quality kitchen equipment pieces such as industrial mixers, ice makers, food trolleys, restaurant ovens, combination ovens and deep fryers are a valuable addition to your restaurant business as they will make sure that your staff members perform at their best and your customers get the best quality food and service.

Any tips you have for new restaurant owners? Let us know in comments. For more information on our products, visit Channon or get in touch with our experts at 1300 657 977 today.