An Overview of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Along with commercial equipment for preparing and cooking food, restaurant owners also need commercial refrigeration equipment. This is necessary for storing beverages and drinks, which people usually consume chilled. In addition, commercial refrigerators are also useful for storing perishable food items. Storing food in these refrigerators often keeps the food items (especially meat and processed food products) fresher for longer. Sanden refrigeration products are among the most popular in this category.

Some of the most common aspects that owners of commercial kitchens consider when purchasing commercial refrigerators includes:

  • The Dimensions: As the size of the commercial kitchen enterprise could vary, finding a commercial refrigerator the right size assumes considerable importance
  • The Doors: Solid door refrigerators are useful for storing food items, without revealing the contents. Thus, they are useful if you want to hide the clutter inside the refrigerator. This is especially so if the refrigerator happens to be in a spot that customers dine in. In contrast, glass door refrigerators enable kitchen staff to find what they require quickly. However, they will not hide the clutter within, visible as it is through the glass exteriors. In addition, glass door refrigerators are oftentimes not as energy-efficient as their solid door counterparts are.
  • Miscellaneous Options: These include:
  • Castors / Legs: Castors are ideal for moving the refrigerator and for cleaning behind it
  • Doors / Drawers: Drawers are best in case you store food in full-size food pans
  • Shelves: From chrome to epoxy coated and from slanted to straight, shelves come in a wide range of varieties

Many restaurants use the standard reach-in refrigerator models. However, other varieties that offer several conveniences include the worktop refrigerators, roll-in refrigerators, under-counter refrigerators, display freezer and fridges, fish refrigerators, grocery coolers and fridges, blast chillers etc. It is worth noting that the Austune Turbo Air Refrigeration range of products continues to impress customers with its sleek look and cost effective prices.

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