An Overview of Ovens Designed for Use in Commercial Kitchens

Most restaurants and eateries will invariably use one (or more) ovens. In many cases, the ovens used will depend on the kind of dishes the facility serves its customers. The people visiting a restaurant will invariably opt for some baked, grilled or roasted dishes. The preparation of these dishes necessitates the need for using commercial ovens. Many people might feel that commercial ovens are not very different from their domestic counterparts. To an extent, this is quite true. After all, ovens are quite useful for baking and roasting various dishes. But, commercial ovens will usually be much larger than the domestic ovens. This is primarily because commercial kitchens will churn out a variety of dishes in high volumes. Similarly, commercial ovens typically come with various enhanced features, especially safety features. Given the rough environments that these appliances operate in, the additional features make them invaluable in commercial kitchens.

Suppliers of commercial ovens in Sydney and other places will usually stock:

  • Range Ovens: When restaurant owners buy ranges or griddles, these appliances often come with attached standard ovens. These ovens operate in a manner similar to the ovens used in many homes across the country. They feature a heating element at the base. On switching the oven on, the element heats up, thereby baking or roasting the food placed on the racks above.
  • Space Savers: Griddles or oven ranges usually come in different varieties. Some tend to be standard in size. Others go by the name of space savers. This is because they are ideal for use in narrow and smaller kitchens. Space saving oven ranges will usually accommodate baking sheets lengthwise. In contrast, standard-size ovens will be able to accommodate baking sheets lengthwise or breadthwise.
  • Countertop and Floor Ovens: Range ovens can be very convenient when you want to save space. But, if you want to bake high volumes of food quickly, they can be rather inconvenient. In addition, range ovens can hardly cook food as quickly or as evenly as dedicated ovens can. This is why you will often come across owners of commercial kitchens purchasing dedicated or specialised restaurant ovens as opposed to range ovens. These ovens come in floor and countertop models. Countertop ovens enable you to fit the equipment you need perfectly in confined spaces.