Benefits of Commercial Modular Cool Rooms!

Commercial modular cool rooms will adequately meet the need for mobile commercial refrigeration keeping your foods at the correct temperatures, fresh and healthy at all times.  Commercial modular cool rooms function well as a solution to restaurants that predict they might outgrow their current commercial refrigeration system. As they are completely modular they can be scaled up (or down) as your business stock/ingredient requirements change. Additionally, commercial modular cool rooms prove advantageous to regular cool rooms due to their impressively quiet fans and efficiency through running on single-phase power.

These cool rooms act as a great solution to commercial refrigeration for industries such as Aged care and hospitals, transport and logistics, retail and wholesale, government facilities, growers and producers, pharmaceuticals, catering and events, and breweries and wineries.  Commercial modular cool rooms allow for customization and preference to meet the individual customer requirements across different industries. Most are designed for quick and easy assembly which varies depending on the size but should always only take an hour maximum to assemble.  Many come with several convenient accessories such as a security latch for lockable external security and an internal safety release, non-slip flooring, safety bells, and pressure relief valves to equalize internal and external pressures.