What are some of the best Commercial Kitchen Appliances out there?

High-end commercial kitchen appliances are worth every dollar they cost, they can keep your kitchen competitive, efficient, and reliable. That is why any business owner in the restaurant industry has to consider the top brands such as Austune Turbo Air Refrigeration, Hobart Ecomax 602, and Washtech GM Dishwasher. Channon provides its customers with top brands such as these at affordable prices that will get your kitchen functioning the way it’s meant to.

The Washtech GM Dishwasher is a high tech dishwasher and glasswasher that is capable of holding a large number of dishes and is absolutely essential for any high volume restaurant. The location of where your dishwasher is placed is important and is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s also important that your dishwasher is energy efficient as well as reliable. The Hobart Ecomax 602 is a great option in this regard and is just as efficient and as the Washtech.

The best refrigeration possible is required for restaurants, especially those that prioritize quality and quantity. Ingredients need to be kept cooled at a hygienic level and drinks and ice-cream should be served chilled. Refrigerators such as the Sanden YPC-120SR under bench fridge and the Sanden SPU-1254 upright (display) fridge are excellent choices from Sanden Refrigeration and should definitely be considered. Additionally, It is important that the right size of fridge is chosen by the business owner, don’t overspend on space that you don’t need. The Autsune Turbo Air Refrigeration fridges are quite large and many restaurants do not produce the volume of food that requires a fridge of that magnitude.