FSM (Food Service Machinery) offer Rowlett Rutland Single Express contact grills, single flat plates deluxe model with an economy switch of 2.88 kilowatts per side totalling 5.76 Kilo watts provided with two 15 amp plugs with an electronic timer. The Rowlett Rutland Double Express Contact Grill deluxe model from FSM (Food Service Machinery) features double flat plates with an electronic timer, a 15 amps plug and a 2.88 kilowatt switch. FSM (Food Service Machinery)’s single flat bottom plate and grooved top plate Rowlett Rutland Express Contact Grills are available with a 15 amp plug, electronic timer, 2.88 kilo watts switch and a programmable digital timer. The Rollagrate Floor Grating equipment FSM (Food Service Machinery) is available in a variety of sizes from 100-200 millimeters width through to 601-650 millimetres width, with a bar height of 25 millimeters. In the Dispensers category, FSM (Food Service Machinery) offers lid dispensers, cup and napkin dispensers, plate dispensers, and plastic wraps. FSM (Food Service Machinery), in the food preparation category, provides drop-in freezers, food finishers, grill tools, egg rings, kebab shavers, mixers, sear tools, potato chippers, vegetable washing and drying products, vegetable peelers, slicers, dicers, toasters, and timers. FSM (Food Service Machinery) also provides equipment for food warming, food safety, induction cooking, plumbing, waste disposal, and shelving.

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