Buy Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Your Restaurant – A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re starting a new restaurant or re-establishing an already existing one, you need a proper restaurant commercial kitchen equipment list. Only once you have a ready list must you go shopping for the complete set of things you need. Buying the right set of equipment is of great importance as they are a significant financial investment and you’d probably have to stick with the set you purchase for a good 2-3 years. At a minimum.

In this article, we will help you buy the kitchen equipment that you need by providing an in-depth peek into everything that is involved in the shopping process, replete with the kitchen equipment costs, vendor details, types of equipment, requirements specific to the kind of restaurants and a lot more.

Once you have all the necessary commercial kitchen equipment in place, you can then focus on creating delectable dishes for your customers.

What is restaurant commercial kitchen equipment?
Restaurant commercial kitchen equipment is appliances that are used to produce, store and, to a certain extent, cook food. Everything from sleek kitchen stoves to huge refrigerators, fall under these appliances. Today, most of them are electrical but some are still powered by gas.

You can focus on restaurant management systems better once your commercial kitchen is functional.

The commercial kitchen equipment list
Largely the equipment list is the same for every restaurant. Whether you’re a Quick Service Restaurant, cafe, or fine dining, you need certain tools that are absolutely essential for your kitchen. However, there may be some pieces of equipment that are restaurant-specific. We will be covering this aspect a little later in this article.

Let’s look at some of the basic commercial kitchen equipment you need to have in your restaurant.

  1. Cooling equipment:-
    Any kitchen today would be useless without refrigerators or freezers. Refrigeration prevents any kind of food damage. Different food items come with defined expiration periods so getting your cooling systems in order is the first step. Depending on the kind of restaurant, you can choose the kind of coolant you’d require for your restaurant kitchen.

2. Heating equipment:-
Roasting, grilling, baking, rethermalizing, and plenty of other cooking processes that involve heating/reheating of food, are taken care of by the commercial equipment involved in this category.

Ranges –
There are two types of ranges both gas and electric. You could opt for either one of these based on the intensity of cooking that happens in your restaurant’s kitchen.

One of the most common and significant electronics that a restaurant cannot work without is a commercial oven. Ovens today are designed to meet the temperature requirements of various cooking methods. Conveyor ovens, high-speed ovens, toaster ovens, rack ovens, are a few of the many ovens available today.

  1. Preparation equipment:-
    Let’s now get straight to hardcore cooking. There are so many commercial kitchen electrical appliances available in the market today that have simplified the most basic of cooking processes. We will take you through the appliances you need to have on your list here.

Food processors and slicers –
The function of a food processor is not just limited to finely chopping the veggies. With the variety of food processors available today, you can chop, slice and mix vegetables and meat, make purees, and more. Given there’s a large scale processing of food items in restaurants, food processors have large bowls with high power. Buffalo choppers, batch bowl processors, continuous food processors, and combination processors are the four major commercial food processors.


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