Buyers Guide – How to choose bakery equipment for your bakery business establishment?

Are you looking for commercial bakery equipment for setting your new food business? Bakeries, cafes, patisseries, and restaurants can get benefits with all kinds of services from Channon, where we recommend all available bakery equipment, including commercial ovens, cooking equipment, etc.

Here’s a quick look at some available options for bakery use by Channon:

Commercial cooking equipment:

  1. Countertop oven – These types of ovens are easy to install and take up to no floor space at all. The only downside of this type of ovens that they hold less food and smaller trays. But you can also use it without a hood. This is one of the best commercial ovens for small bakery needs.
  2. Combination Oven – The combination oven offers three modes of cooking in one oven – steam cooking, circulated hot air, and a combination of both. The combination mode is used to reheat foods and to roast or bake; the steam mode is well suited for quick cooking of vegetables, whereas the hot air mode operates as a regular convection oven for baking cakes and pastries.
  3. Convection Oven – A basic convection oven utilizes fans by circulating air around the food and quickening your cooking process. Best suited for cake baking and large quantities of baked goods.

Food Holding Equipment:

  1. Food Holding/Proofing Cabinet – These cabinets are designed to proof bread and keep them hot. There is no need to get separate equipment for keeping your bakery food heated up after cooked. This food holding cabinet will help to keep the dough fresh and safe from drying out. Best use for bread, pastries, and rising doughs.
  2. Proofer/Retarder – These cabinets help you keep your bakery food refrigerated when you need to keep some at the high temperature and some at low temperatures. The proofer cabinets can be best useful for rising doughs and bread.


  1. Refrigeration Display Case – Refrigeration food display is one of the commercial food displays for showcasing your food items that still require refrigeration, allowing customers a full view of their selections of food, which may increase your sales.
  2. Non-refrigerated Display Case – Non- refrigerated display case can be available in two different forms, open display or with door display. Best use of bagels, bread, and some cakes, cookies, etc.
  3. Heated Display Case – These cases are perfect for showcasing pies, hot baked foods as they revolve to give guests a view of every food item within the case. This type of food case can be the best use for bagels, bread, and some cakes, cookies, etc.

To know more about commercial bakery equipment for your bakery setup, visit us at Channon.