Buying Commercial Deep Fryers: Things to Know

When you look at the menus of different restaurants and fast food chains, you are bound to see at least several types of fried foods there—from appetizers like deep fried onion rings to main courses like breaded pork chops and side dishes like French fries and more. In most establishments, fried foods have even become the best-selling item on their menu and are seen more often than other types of food on food trolleys being rolled out of the kitchen.
Considering the demand for fried foods, commercial kitchens find themselves looking for a faster way of preparing such meals for their customers. One can of course go old-school and simply pour oil into a hot pan and fry away.

However, there is a quicker and more efficient way of frying foods—and that is with the use of deep fryers.
Like all other commercial kitchen equipment and food preparation equipment, deep fryers are essential investments for any commercial kitchen. It is one apparatus that you simply cannot have. Many establishment owners know and understand this, which is why this is one of the first kitchen equipment they usually buy along with cooking ovens, commercial refrigeration equipment and others.

Unfortunately, many of these restaurant owners often make the mistake of buying the wrong kind of deep fryers as their choices are generally influenced by what is available and price. As it is with buying other kitchen equipment like industrial mixers, restaurant ovens and others, one should also put careful thought and consideration when purchasing deep fryers. You simply can’t buy one and hope that it meets your business’ particular needs.
Thus, here are some things to keep in mind when you go shopping for deep fryers for your commercial kitchen.