Can You Use Domestic Kitchen Appliances in a Commercial Kitchen?

From an Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker Machine to an entire cooking range, commercial kitchens will require a number of appliances. Each of these will fulfil a specific objective. Certain food items will taste better when fried. For this, you will require a range of fryers and deep fryers. Similarly, if you’re offering baked products, you will require commercial ovens. Keeping your food items fresher for longer is a necessity in a commercial kitchen. For this, you will not only need high-quality air-conditioning systems. You will also need to invest in a number of refrigerators too. Some refrigerators might be ideal for storing chilled drinks and beverages. Others might be more useful in keeping meats, fruits and vegetables fresh. Besides these, you will require a number of mixers, grinders, blenders and food processors too. Completing the list will be all your plates, glasses, cutlery, utensils etc.

It is worth highlighting that many commercial kitchen appliances will be quite similar to those used in domestic kitchens. But, just because they look similar, doesn’t mean that you can use domestic appliances in a commercial environment. Manufacturers of commercial appliances ensure that these appliances are sturdier than the ones designed for use in regular kitchens. In addition, commercial appliances will usually be larger than domestic ones. To cite an example, a commercial microwave oven will be much larger than a domestic one. This is typically so because the volumes of food prepared in commercial kitchens will be much higher than is the case in regular kitchens. Lastly, commercial appliances will usually have many additional features that are absent in domestic appliances. Again, this is primarily because the kinds of dishes prepared in commercial kitchens will be more diverse than those in domestic ones.

Given this backdrop, it is easy to see why owners of commercial kitchens need to spend a considerable amount of money towards purchasing commercial kitchen appliances. These appliances can withstand rough use. In addition, they can provide the higher levels of functionality that characterise commercial kitchens. More importantly, these appliances will be relatively more expensive than domestic kitchen appliances. As such, their owners will want them to offer an effective return on investment. Commercial food processors and blenders offer higher levels of durability than their domestic kitchen counterparts. Thus, any canny restaurant owner will prefer investing in these appliances. However, this does not mean that you cannot use domestic kitchen appliances in a commercial setting. Smaller setups that do not have sufficient capital can make do with domestic appliances. But, they will need to look after these appliances well. Only then will they be able to extract optimal value from these appliances.