What Catering Equipment is Absolutely Essential for Your Commercial Kitchen?

The best restaurants, bars and cafes use quality cooking equipment. While being expensive, these items have a positive effect on the profits a business generates. By reducing food preparation timelines, these appliances enhance customer satisfaction levels. If you were to visit a store that sells kitchen appliances such as fridges online, you would find a myriad of appliances designed for commercial kitchens. Purchasing each of these appliances could well bust your budget. Therefore, prepare a list of appliances that are absolutely essential for your business.

Typically, the list of these appliances would vary based on the kind of fare you plan to offer. However, some essential commercial kitchen equipment that you could consider purchasing include:

Kitchen Fridges: From storing food items to chilled beverages, these appliances are a necessity in any restaurant. This is especially so in hot weather conditions. Use these to keep your food and drinks fresher for longer. Some restaurants even use over-the-counter or undercounter display fridges. These fridges are ideal for displaying goods for customers to purchase. They are quite popular among bakeries, patisseries, delicatessens, butcheries etc. The SKOPE TME1000 upright (display) fridge and the Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) fridge are among the most popular fridges that you must consider buying.

Food Processors: If your restaurant experiences high footfalls, then the lesser time you spend in chopping, cutting or slicing fruits or vegetables, the better. Commercial food processors enable you to accomplish this safely and easily. Comprising an induction motor, a selection of discs and a safety system, these appliances are ideal for commercial kitchens.

Ice Machines: Merely serving chilled drinks to your customers will not suffice. You will need an ample amount of ice to keep your beverages chilled and your customers happy. Scotsman ice machines help you achieve this effortlessly. Alternatively, you could consider buying the Ice-O-Matic Ice Maker Machine as well.

Other Cooking Equipment: Clearly, having the right cooking equipment in your kitchen is a necessity. If you’re offering baked or fried food items, you will need the best restaurant ovens. Similarly, if you’re offering fried food items, you cannot do without commercial deep fryers. Some cafes offer snacks and other refreshments along with beverages such as tea and coffee. A commercial microwave oven enables them to warm these foodstuffs quickly, thereby enabling customers to savour warm food. The Goldstein GVCC1011 combi oven is one of the most popular ovens for many restaurateurs in Australia.

Cleaning Equipment: Lastly, a restaurant that experiences high volumes will need cleaning equipment that can make cleaning dishes easier. Several companies offer a wide range of options if you need to purchase a dishwasher online. However, one of the best dishwashers in the market at present is the Hobart Ecomax 602 (dishwasher).