Channon Commercial Refrigeration – The Brand to Rely on for Premium Grade and Cost-Effective Commercial Catering Equipment

Quality cooking and catering equipment can give your business a greater likelihood of succeeding. This is especially important for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the foodservice sector. A vast majority of small business ventures typically shut shop because of various financial issues. And, when your equipment is inferior or faulty, you cannot expect to please your customers either. This is why it is imperative for commercial kitchen owners to do their homework before they consider shopping for commercial kitchen appliances. But, it is equally important to do your shopping at the showroom of a trusted and reputed supplier of kitchen equipment.

A reputed and experienced catering equipment supplier will not only be able to understand your needs. This supplier will be able to offer the products that best suit your needs. Unlike others, a good supplier will not coax you to purchase appliances that you do not require. Instead, the supplier will ascertain your needs and offer the products that meet those needs – and fit into your budget as well. It is worth mentioning that many commercial kitchen owners do not have much of an idea about commercial cooking equipment. In this scenario, a top supplier will offer the requisite amount of support and guidance as well.


It is not easy to find commercial kitchen appliances that suit you from a myriad of others. It is equally tough to find an established supplier who has your best interests at heart. The best suppliers of commercial kitchen appliances and equipment will usually:

  • Get the most recommendations from other commercial kitchen facilities in the vicinity
  • Have the best reviews and reputation based on the feedback left on online forums and review sites
  • Have loads of experience in working with previous clients in the foodservice sector, which the supplier will be able to highlight via examples or case studies
  • Offer a myriad of additional services, including maintenance packages, in case anything should go wrong with the equipment
  • Be able to offer a wide selection of products for each category of appliances – whether new or used
  • Offer additional warranties for the expected lifetime of the appliances they stock and,
  • Offer attractive catering equipment finance terms to ease the financial burden on their clients

If you’re looking for a supplier of commercial catering equipment that you can trust, simply think of Channon. For more than 41 years now, we have been providing comprehensive solutions to the hospitality and foodservice industries. We began operations as a refrigeration service company. It didn’t take us long to establish ourselves as a market leader in the domain. Our staff features experts and specialists in refrigeration design, bar fit outs (both design and construction), kitchens and beer systems. So, whether you need design and layout services or quality equipment, we can satisfy you on both counts.

Our online store offers a diverse selection of products in each category. So, whether you need an oven range or comprehensive refrigeration solutions, we can give you precisely what you need. It is worth mentioning that our fridge technical service and installation departments are available on 24×7 basis throughout the year. Our network of fully qualified technicians can deliver optimum levels of service right when you need it. When you purchase commercial food service and catering equipment from us, you can rest assured about receiving the best value for your money. So, the next time you want to purchase commercial ice machines or commercial dishwashers in Sydney, think of us. Call us at 1300 657 977 for more details.