Channon Refrigeration Sydney – Providing Quality Maintenance Services

Not only does Channon provided an abundant amount of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment products but they also provide servicing and maintenance for their many clients across the Sydney region. As refrigeration suppliers, provided by Channon are fully qualified and trained refrigeration mechanics with a fully stocked supply of equipment that is required for the maintenance and servicing of refrigerators. When doing business with Channon you are ensuring that you are getting the optimum service for refrigeration needs in Sydney. Customers are not left waiting for missing parts to be stocked as a priority is set on timeliness for customers to ensure that your business can function without technical difficulty preventing work from occurring.

To ensure further satisfaction with clients Channon provides its customers with a 24 national call center complete with operators. At any time an inquiry can be made and our services can be trusted so that you are not left in the dark on anything as priority is set on open communication between staff and customers.

If a Channon mechanic does not have the answer or solution required for maintenance/servicing. The mechanic has 24-hour access to Channon service managers, supervisors, senior management which can provide the mechanic with advice and skills to solve any issue regarding refrigeration in the Sydney region.

There is a huge emphasis on the network of Channon. The business doesn’t just stop at refrigeration suppliers, servicing is an important part of the Channon business and quality is always assured so that every client can trust the services provided by the staple in refrigeration in Sydney.