Channon – Your One-Stop Destination for All the Commercial Cooking Appliances that Your Commercial Kitchen Needs

Any commercial kitchen needs more than good fortune to prosper. It needs a business owner with a sound acumen. It requires a convenient location, which enables prospective visitors to become frequenters. It needs well-trained staff, who are adept at preparing sumptuous fare, while leaving their customers highly satisfied. But, most importantly, it needs top class cooking equipment that makes cooking easier and more convenient for the cooks. When you have the best quality equipment to rely on, your job becomes that much easier. You can simply focus on handling all that you need to, while leaving the appliances to achieve the desired outcomes. Modern cookery appliances enable cooks to multi-task. As a result, they can focus on other things, which can help in minimising the order-to-delivery time for each customer.

Whether you’re shopping for a dishwasher online or one of the latest Scotsman ice machines, don’t look beyond Channon. We are the market leaders in the provision of comprehensive solutions to the hospitality and food service industries in Australia. Over the past 40 years, we have moved from being a refrigeration service company to the top provider of commercial food service and catering equipment. We have immense expertise in the domain of refrigeration design. But, we also specialise in designing and building bars, kitchens and beer systems as well. All of these aspects combine to make us a one-stop shop for any commercial kitchen owner in the country.

Our enviable range of commercial kitchen equipment is suitable for both large restaurant chains as well as smaller units. We stock products from some of the best brands in the industry. From commercial blenders to all kinds of fridges, you will be able to find exactly what you need. This is regardless of whether you visit our showroom or our online store. In addition, we offer technical and installation services on a 24×7 basis throughout the year. Thus, our network of highly qualified technicians will be able to give you superlative levels of service whenever you need it. So, the next time you require appliances for your commercial kitchens, don’t go elsewhere. Visit our online store to place your order. Or, call us at 1300 657 977 with your enquiry.