Channon – Your One-Stop Shop for Purchasing All Kinds of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Including Fridges Online

Whether you need an industrial mixer or a dishwasher online, it’s best to purchase your commercial equipment from a supplier par excellence. Since 1976, Channon has acquired an unbeatable reputation as the leading provider of commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment and services. We offer comprehensive solutions to the Hospitality and Food Service Industry in Australia. Our areas of specialisation include:

Refrigeration design
The designing and construction of bars, kitchens and beer systems and,
Sales and 24/7 service

It is worth highlighting that we do not merely offer appliances for sale. If you require commercial kitchen appliances on lease, we could assist with that as well. Our inventory comprises everything that any restaurant or bar owner could possibly require – at great prices. In addition, we offer refrigeration technical services and installation departments on a 24/7 basis too. Thus, with each purchase you can rest assured that you’ll get the best value for your money. Moreover, our network of qualified technicians would be available to give you optimum levels of satisfaction and service whenever you require it. Click here to start shopping now.