A lot of people want to set up their own restaurant these days. In fact, food-service establishments have risen to about 900,000 today. But despite this staggering number, there is still room in the market if you want to start your own food chain.
However, starting a restaurant is not an easy feat. You have to deal with long hours, grumpy and demanding customer, and other issues. In addition, you also have to choose the right kitchen equipment that will withstand the rigors of a busy commercial food establishment. Listed below are a few tips you should consider.
Restaurant Service Style and the Right Food Equipment

The first thing you have to do is determine what kind of service you are willing to provide your customers. The primary categories include quick-service, midscale and upscale.

•Quick- Service – These are also known as fast-food restaurants. If want to build this kind of restaurant, you will offer a limited menu and the food should be easy to prepare. You will also need to purchase food equipment that will withstand constant use and cleaning. For instance, you will need deep fryers, combination ovens, and commercial grills since you will be offering French fries, hotdogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches. You will also need to invest in a Washtech dishwasher glasswear to easily clean and sanitize your dishes.
•Midscale Restaurant – This type of restaurant offers a quick service and quality food. If you want to build such establishment, you will have to offer full meals at a reasonable price. You will need to purchase commercial cooking supplies, commercial bar fridges, as well as an Esdwood dishwasher glasswasher since this equipment is designed for busy commercial kitchens.
•Upscale Restaurants – If you want to build this type of restaurant, you need to focus on the quality of your cuisines as well as how your restaurant is designed.Choosing a Food Concept and Proper Cooking Supplies
When you’re establishing your food chain, you should choose a food concept. This will help you create a menu and let your future customers know what they should expect from you. Here are some of the most common food concepts:

•Casual-Dining – This type of restaurant offers a wide variety of food, such as appetizers, main course, and desserts.
•Pizzeria – This type of restaurant offers a wide variety of pizzas, as well as beer and wine. If you want to go all-out Italian, you will have to serve lasagne, linguine, and ravioli. As a tip, you should invest in high quality restaurant ovens or pizza ovens. In addition, you should consider getting the Goldstein oven range since it offers high quality performance.
•Coffeehouse – This is the most common concept that many businessmen are considering. Profit margins for coffee drinks are very high. However, you need to invest in high quality coffee beans, as well as other coffeehouse equipment, such as Manitowoc ice machines and industrial mixers.Setting Your Niche and Finding Commercial Cooking Supplies
Of course, you should also decide who your target market is. This will help you decide where you should set up your food establishment.

Determining your target market will also help you in creating a marketing campaign which will help entice new customers to try your new establishment. These are a few basic tips for starting out a restaurant. If you want to find the best equipment for this industry, you can visit your local stores or you can go online and visit

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