Commercial cooking Tips on buying commercial cooking equipment

Quality commercial kitchen appliances are extremely important for smooth operation of your catering and restaurant business. It also requires huge capital investment, so it is important that you choose the equipment wisely. Experts believe that when you go looking for commercial food preparation equipment such as combination ovens, commercial deep fryers, commercial pizza ovens, or any other appliances, you should look for quality, strength, safety, and durability.

Making the right choice is critical because poor quality equipment will suffer frequent breakdowns leaving you embarrassed in front of the customers, and you will have to bear high repair and replacement costs. Here are some simple tips that will help you make the right purchase decision:

• Make sure you buy your commercial catering equipment from a reputable dealer that offers only quality products. Check if they can provide spare parts and ongoing repairs.
• Purchase equipment that can withstand the workload of your restaurant or catering business. For example, you might be tempted to buy a domestic grade or low capacity cooking ovens, but they will not be able to handle the load, and will give up too soon.
• Check the output figures for the commercial cooking appliances, and make sure that the particular model offers the output that you are looking for.

• Take into account both your current capacity requirements, and expected future capacity requirements when you buy commercial food preparation appliances.

• Make a calculated choice between electric and gas powered commercial kitchen equipment. Take into account both the installation and operating costs when you make a choice. It might happen that the electric equipment might have a lower price tag, but they can turn out expensive in the long run, because of high energy costs.

• Seek advice from the dealer or commercial cooking equipment provider on the equipment that will best suit you needs.
• Two very important features that you should look for in cooking equipment is ease of use and safety. See if the equipment meets all safety standards.

• The equipment that you purchase should be easy to clean. Due to heavy use, the equipment tends to become dirty every day and you won’t like your staff to spend a lot of time trying to get grime and deposits out of nooks and corners.

• While making a choice, you should make quality and not price your priority.

• Check the warranty clause, and see what all is covered.

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