Is leasing or renting commercial cooking equipment a better option?

If you are in the restaurant or catering business, or planning to enter into it, you should be prepared to undertake huge capital investments. The biggest chunk of initial investment goes into purchase of restaurant catering equipment such as commercial grills, commercial blenders, combination ovens, and other commercial cooking supplies. Even if you already own a restaurant, you will need to constantly upgrade your equipment according to the scale of operations, and to achieve better efficiency.
When making a purchase decision, business owners have to achieve a balance between quality, convenience, cost, and terms. A great way to conserve your capital, and at the same time get the best quality cooking equipment for your Sydney kitchen is by renting or leasing it. Your instinct would tell you to buy and own all the equipment, but in many circumstances leasing and renting can prove to be a better option. Here are some benefits that can you can achieve by leasing or renting your equipment rather than buying them:
Conserves capital By leasing or hiring your kitchen equipment, you can conserve your capital for other profitable purposes. The money saved on purchasing expensive commercial kitchen equipment can go into marketing, décor, or any other expenses that may suddenly arise. Improved cash flow Cost of commercial equipment leasing can be treated as an expense deduction for taxation purposes. This can lead to higher tax deduction, and can mean considerable tax savings and better cash flow.
Simple recordkeeping and clean balance sheet

The entire cost of equipment can be shown as monthly rental. It does not affect your liabilities as a loan does.
No need to touch line of creditPurchasing new restaurant equipment can eat up a lot of credit, whereas equipment leasing or hiring can leave the line of credit untouched. Easy upgrades Leasing makes it easier to upgrade out of date kitchen equipment. You can ensure that you have only the latest technology in your kitchen without having to worry about staggering capital costs.

If you are considering owning or leasing equipment for your restaurant or catering business, you have landed at the right place. Channon has answer to all your needs of commercial kitchen equipment purchase, rent, or lease. Whether you are looking for high quality commercial ovens such as Goldstein oven range, commercial blenders, commercial grills, or any other cooking equipment in Sydney, you will find it at best rates and terms at Channon.

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