Get a Grip on the Kind of Commercial Cooking Equipment You Need

At various types in their careers, a number of people find their jobs boring. Things are typically running on autopilot. They have job security and reasonably good opportunities for growth too. However, the lure of running your own shop can be hard to resist. For many people, the idea of making a killing by running their own business is not the first thing that strikes them. Rather, it is the notion of being able to manage their time themselves that is more appealing. This is because the freedom of not having to account for every minute of your working hours is often a cherished dream for many employees.

However, running your own business is not easy. Even running something as simple as a commercial kitchen can be quite challenging. From deciding the menu to purchasing cooking equipment, running a commercial kitchen is not just about preparing food. It is also about running a profitable venture, by providing customers with a great dining experience.

What is a Commercial Kitchen?

Any place that serves food to members of the general public for making money is a commercial kitchen. Any individual, who wants to start a commercial kitchen, needs to comply with the rules prescribed by the relevant authorities. Typically, a commercial kitchen owner needs to obtain the relevant license for selling food and beverages to the public. In addition, the individual would need to provide the following details for obtaining the licence:

  • The complete floor plan of the commercial kitchen
  • A list of all the food ingredients that the facility would process and,
  • Details of the water system requirements

On receiving these details, inspectors from the regulatory authority would visit the facility. If they are satisfied that the facility complies with all the requirements, they would issue the licence to the owner.

For setting up a commercial kitchen, a person needs to:

  • Purchase and install the relevant refrigeration equipment including a walk-in cooling unit, an industrial freezer, kitchen fridges etc.
  • Purchase storage shelves, dry storage space and equipment storage space
  • Purchase and install various commercial cookery equipment including an industrial range hood, a gas range, restaurant ovens, commercial deep fryers etc.
  • Purchase food preparation stations and other small items like cutting boards, commercial food processors, meat slicers, commercial mixers etc. and,
  • Purchase and install various safety, fire and sanitation equipment

What are Commercial Cooking Appliances?

The food industry does not merely comprise the noted chains of hotels and restaurants. It also includes all the commercial establishments that dot every neighbourhood in the city. To succeed in such a competitive industry, a person running a commercial kitchen needs to provide more than just sumptuous fare. This business owner needs to provide services at cost effective rates, which make customers come back repeatedly. The owner also needs to provide food, which is distinctive in taste and unavailable elsewhere in the vicinity. For this, the owner needs to have heavy-duty kitchen equipment.

Such equipment invariably makes the chef’s task easier. It also enables the chefs to prepare their fare more easily and quickly. Prompt delivery of food is a key yardstick for the success of any commercial kitchen. If your customers have to experience long wait times, they would probably never visit your eatery again. The most common types of commercial food equipment include:

  • Braising Pans: These are handy for braising meat, frying bacon or even for boiling pasta
  • Broilers: These help in grilling large quantities of meat or in roasting meat and vegetables
  • Fryers: These are ideal for deep frying an assortment of food items like French fries, meat nuggets, vegetable nuggets etc.
  • Griddles: Chefs use these for browning, searing, warming or toasting food
  • Ovens: These are useful for meeting all the baking needs of a commercial kitchen. Chefs use these for baking cakes, pizzas, cookies etc. The commercial microwave oven is a useful appliance in any kitchen. The Baron combination ovens are among the most popular brands of ovens in commercial kitchens today.
  • Range Tops: These are useful for cooking food products in an assortment of pots and vessels

In addition to these, commercial kitchen equipment also includes appliances used for cleaning or preparing food. Some commercial kitchens also feature commercial bars. Many of these facilities use ice machines like the Scotsman ice machines or the Ice-O-Matic ice maker machine.

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