How is Commercial Cooking Equipment Different from the Regular Cooking Equipment Used in Domestic Kitchens?

Many people might feel that there is not much difference between cooking equipment used in a regular kitchen and equipment used in a commercial kitchen. To an extent, this is true. For example, regular ovens and restaurant ovens would be useful in roasting and grilling food items. However, the latter might offer a more advanced range of features. In addition, it will be ideal for rough use and operating in more demanding conditions than the regular kitchen ovens.

Similarly, kitchen fridges will typically be two-door appliances, with a freezer compartment and a refrigerator compartment. The former will be useful for storing food, while the latter will be useful in keeping food and drinks chilled. Commercial freezers will not be tiny spaces that are ideal for freezing food items. They could well be entire rooms used for freezing meat and other frozen products. Similarly, commercial refrigerators will be large enough to store a much larger quantity of food products. In addition, they will typically provide a more consistent temperature than the average kitchen fridge does.

Therefore, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the regular kitchen appliances will not be out of place in a commercial kitchen. Using regular appliances in an environment as demanding as a commercial kitchen will invariably result in these appliances breaking down at a faster pace. This could be counterproductive for your business.