Why you should always buy new commercial cooking equipment?

Every business owner is engaged in a constant struggle to minimize the costs, and increase the bottom line. A restaurant owner has to make efforts to keep costs of facility maintenance, commercial catering equipment, employee wages, commercial cooking supplies, health and insurance under control. Whenever a restaurant owner has to invest in new commercial cooking appliances such as commercial ovens, bars or blenders, the only way they think they can save on upfront costs is by buying used equipment.
Entrepreneurs in the process of setting up a new restaurant or catering business find the option of buying used commercial

catering equipment quite lucrative, because it will leave them with more money at hand that they can choose spend on other business areas. However, it is important to understand whether this cost saving will actually pay off in the long run, and would turn out to be better deal than buying new equipment or not.

While any business owner would be tempted to save some money by buying used kitchen equipment, they must always consider these important points that favour buying new commercial kitchen equipment:
Warranty: New commercial kitchen supplies such as commercial bar fridges, restaurant ovens, commercial grills and commercial dishwashers come with manufacturer’s warranty. So, the manufacturer covers any faults that occur within the warranty period.

Durability: New kitchen equipment will serve you though years without requiring much repair and maintenance. On the other hand, used commercial kitchen equipment would have exhausted a good part of its life, and can serve you only for a few more years depending on its condition and usage.

Reliability: In restaurant business, equipment breakdowns can play havoc with your reputation. So, it is best to buy new kitchen equipment, because it would work reliably without suffering frequent breakdowns.

Repair and maintenance: Depending on the condition and age of the used commercial cooking appliances that you buy, they will most certainly require frequent repairs and higher maintenance. This problem can be totally avoided by investing in new commercial catering equipment.

Operating costs: New cooking equipment such as combination ovens and commercial dishwashers are more energy efficient and consume far less energy than the used equipment. The operating cost of new equipment is a lot lower than that of used equipment.
Clean and ready to use: The new commercial cooking appliances are clean and can be immediately put to use without requiring any repairs, clean up, or maintenance.

Peace of mind: The best thing that you gain by investing in new cooking equipment for your commercial kitchen is peace of mind that you are the sole user of the equipment that that has never been used.
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