Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Guide

With the hospitality industry recently returning to more normal work amidst the COVID-19 health crisis, good hygiene and sanitization have become more important than ever in the kitchen. One key consideration in food hygiene is high quality commercial dishwashers and commercial glasswashers, providing confidence in the cleanliness of serving equipment to protect your valued customers.

Both of these appliances perform similar functions, but glasswashers are designed to more delicately clean fragile glass than dishwashers. When looking for a commercial dishwasher or commercial glasswasher, there are a few important considerations to make:

  • Temperature – some washers may use hot water to sanitize with heat, or cold water to sanitize with added chemicals to kill bacteria.
  • Size and Capacity – commercial dishwashers may be under-counter for convenient placement with small capacity, pass-through which can be quickly loaded and have higher capacities, or rack conveyor for the highest capacity needs.
  • Speed – the frequency dishes will be required at is important to know as some washers require more time for their full wash cycle.

Channon carries a wide range of commercial dishwashers and commercial glasswashers from a plethora of trusted brands such as Eswood, Hobart, Classeq and Washtech and more. These appliances vary in size, capacity, speed, and water efficiency. View the full range of Channon commercial dishwashers and glasswashers on our website.