How Does a Commercial Food Processor Differ from a Blender?

As mentioned before, several people use the terms commercial blender and commercial food processor interchangeably. However, the two items are very different from each other. At their core, food processors differ from blenders in three significant ways. These include:The traditional blender was unable to handle heavy-duty operations. In contrast, modern food processors use electricity for processing food. They can also withstand rough use.

A commercial food processor will always have exchangeable blades. In comparison, a blender will usually come with fixed blades. The exchangeable blades in a food processor enable cooks to use the food processor for processing an assortment of food items.Food processors typically do not require that the cooks add water for the blades to carry out their function. In contrast, the blades of a blender need water to aid in the blending process.The shape and design of the plastic bowls of a blender and a food processor are distinctively different too