Aim for Success – Give Your Commercial Kitchen the Food Equipment it Needs

How the Right Tools Affect the Success of Your Business Venture

If you’re starting your own business, you wouldn’t want to set it up for failure. That too, from the outset itself. To obtain success and generate profits, any business enterprise needs:

  •  A uniform or regular demand for the product or service offered and,
  •  A market that gives you the space to launch your own venture

Similarly, as a business owner, you need to have the following ingredients to make your venture successful. These include:

  •  Sufficient funding
  •  Regular supplies
  •  A committed workforce and,
  •  An organised distribution and marketing chain

Without the right tools, your business could sink instead of flourishing. Therefore, you need to ensure that you purchase the right equipment for your business. This is especially true when you’re running a commercial kitchen or a restaurant. Without the appropriate food equipment and commercial cooking supplies, you could end up losing your customers rapidly. Restaurants and eating outlets do not merely serve food and drink. They sell the notion of a complete dining experience to their clientele. Therefore, if your equipment is of inferior quality, your food would not be worthwhile either.

The Types of Catering Equipment Supplies You Need for Your Business

If you’re entering the food catering business, you need to plan for the equipment you need carefully. The kitchen equipment used by a small restaurant would hardly be the same as that used by a fancy dining outlet. In addition, the equipment you need to buy also depends on the fare you intend to offer. A casual visit to any supplier of commercial kitchen equipment would reveal a plethora of catering supplies. Purchasing these would entail spending a lot of money. Therefore, you need to focus on three key aspects before you make your purchases. These include:

  •  The kind of catering business you are running
  •  The number of customers you intend catering to and,
  •  The dishes (and cuisine) that you would be cooking and preparing in your restaurant

Experts classify food-catering equipment into four categories. These include:

  •  Food Storage Equipment: These comprise products like Manitowoc ice machines and commercial bar fridges. Purchase these depending on the number of customers you plan to entertain.
  •  Food Preparation Equipment: These include several pieces of equipment including commercial grills, restaurant ovens, pizza ovens, deep fryers etc. Purchase these based on the kind of food you intent preparing. Naturally, you would also require various items of cookware for containing the food. Ensure that you purchase commercial pots and pans. These utensils provide enhanced levels of efficiency and durability.
  •  Food Delivery and Service Equipment: This comprises all the items you need for delivering the food (and dining experience) to your customers. Hence, it would typically include tables and chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery etc.
  •  Cookware Washing Equipment: This keeps your pans, plates, utensils and cutlery clean and sterilised. This could comprise glasswashers like the Eswood dishwasher glasswasher, the Washtech dishwasher for glassware etc. You could complement these with stainless steel washbasins, faucets and sinks too.

Aspects to Consider when Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As mentioned earlier, you cannot purchase all the kitchen equipment you need at the outset. You need to keep certain factors in mind before you purchase the equipment you need. These include:

  •  Your wishlist: Depending on the fare you intend offering, prepare a list of catering equipment you need. Prioritise this list and identify reliable suppliers, who would be able to deliver this product.
  •  Your budget: This would help you prioritise the equipment you need. It would also help you make your purchases in a phased manner.
  •  The space available: The last thing you want is to purchase the Goldstein oven range and find that it does not fit into the kitchen. Therefore, for bulky equipment ensure that you have the measurements with you when you make the purchase.
  •  Advanced technical features: These could include food preparation equipment that relies on infrared spectrum technology for preparing nutritious and tasty food. It could also extend to dishwashers that consume lesser water.
  •  Shopping Method: The trend of shopping online has gained immense popularity in recent times. However, unless you’re an old pro, avoid purchasing any equipment based on what you see online. Instead, opt for visiting the showroom of a commercial kitchen equipment supplier. See the products that interest you. Check the prices and guarantees. In addition, also check to see whether there are other alternatives available. You could still place your order online. However, by knowing what you want, you would ensure that you get the product you need.

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We also offer manufacturer’s warranties and excellent customer service. Besides, we give you the option of placing your order online as well. Our services also extend to providing kitchen equipment on lease. With our wide range of products, you can be certain of finding whatever you need – from combination ovens to industrial mixers. Therefore, call us at 1300 CHANNON for more information. Alternative, browse through our range of products and place your order online.

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