5 Easy Ways to Improve Storage in Your Commercial Kitchen

Ask any successful restaurateur about the secret of his/her success in the food industry, and you will surely hear about the quality of food equipment and efficiency of storage techniques. Of course, you will also hear a lot about the importance of flawless menu planning, kitchen hiring and ingredient ordering, but a major part of it will be about the quality and storage. The key to a functional and attractive kitchen is undoubtedly the storage. Regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen, there must be a number of cooking appliances, utensils, gadgets, high-end equipment, such as washtech dishwasher glassware or Goldstein oven range, knives and pots in your kitchen. So, it makes sense to think about some clever ways for the efficient storage of these equipments. Here, the best way is to be creative and incorporate effective storage techniques in your commercial kitchen design right from the very beginning. Let’s have a look at some of the storage ideas for your commercial kitchen that you can start incorporating today.

1. Utilize the corners: In commercial kitchens, utilizing the corners is probably the best way to store items without obstructing the way for chefs and other kitchen staff. You can use made-to-measure kitchen cabinets to store catering equipment and other kitchen equipment in our kitchen corners. If your sink is in the corner, try to place your washtech dishwasher near the sink to make the task of loading it easier and efficient. This technique is also useful when you want to empty your kitchen dishwashers.

2. Utilize vertical space to its maximum extent: If you’ve a small kitchen but it has high ceilings, using this simple tip is enough to put all your woes to rest. You can fully utilize your walls for storage by using floor-to-ceiling cupboards and cabinets. To easily access the higher shelves, you can use a rolling ladder.

3. Incorporate shelves: Shelves are a great way to keep frequently used commercial catering equipment, such as utensils, spice jars and canisters within reach. You can also use these multi-faceted shelves to give a personal touch to your kitchen by keeping your favourite recipe books or for keeping unused kitchen equipment in them.

4. Work tables with easy to reach storage areas: At the time of designing work centres for your commercial kitchen, keep in the mind the storage aspect too. A good practice is to place shelves above and below the work tables. For instance while using deep fryers or cooking ovens for the preparation of food, workers can easily access these shelves to take out or store ingredients while working. Needless to say, this simple step will go a long way in saving you some serious labour costs. In addition to clever storage, you should also lookout for high-end cooking equipment in Australia, such as combination ovens and cobra oven ranges to make even greater savings. For instance combination ovens are the best example of equipment that directly improves the quality of dishes while reducing the cooking times.

5. Food storage: Food safety is definitely of utmost importance in any restaurant, and efficient food storage plays a vital role in this regard. It doesn’t matter if you are using the most expensive pizza ovens or high quality baron oven ranges for food preparation, if you won’t adhere to strict food storage guidelines, it can put the life of your customers in extreme danger or you can even risk losing your loyal customers. Therefore, use air-tight containers to store food, use kitchen fridges from good brands to keep your food at the right temperature, and lastly always keep your floors and shelves organized and clean.