Understand the Basic Equipment that Your Commercial Kitchen Needs

Any start-up restaurant typically requires the following pieces of equipment:

Commercial Refrigerators: Any restaurant needs a commercial refrigerator. It is among the most essential commercial cooking appliances in a commercial kitchen. However, you will need to consider what kind of fridge you require. Any reputed commercial kitchen equipment supplier will offer a host of fridges for restaurants. These could typically include commercial freezers, wine caves, beverage refrigerators, under-the-counter refrigerators etc.
Commercial Ice Machines: Any restaurant will require lots of ice to please its customers. This is especially so if your location experiences a lot of warm weather. The Ice-O-Matic ice maker machine is one of the best value purchases around.
Commercial Bar Equipment: A restaurant bar will need strainers, cocktail shakers, jiggers and condiment caddies. In contrast, fine dining restaurants should consider investing in punch bowls and champagne beverage fountains. Similarly, if you’re running a sport bar, consider purchasing portable beverage tubs, keg wraps and beer refrigerators.
Commercial Dishwashers: Before you purchase these, ensure that you provide ample space in your restaurant kitchen. Ideally, position these near your cooking area. This would enable your chefs and cooks to access various utensils as and when needed. Purchase a dishwasher based on the traffic your restaurant experiences. In addition, investing in a sink with multiple washbasins is also worthwhile for your larger vessels and utensils. These days, purchasing a dishwasher online is hardly difficult. However, ensure that you purchase something that is high in quality and cost effective.
Commercial Ovens: Similar to dishwashers, restaurant ovens typically consume a lot of space. Therefore, if you have not designed it properly, you could end up with a cramped kitchen. Some of the most popular ovens include barbecue roaster ovens, barbecue grills, convection ovens, conveyor ovens, deck ovens etc.