6 Steps You Can Take Today To Optimize Your Commercial Kitchen Layout

No matter how well equipped your commercial kitchen is, unless and until you actually find a way to organize your kitchen equipment such as commercial bar fridges and industrial mixers properly, you are not going to be able to work at your maximum potential. You have to make sure that all kitchen equipment is organized in an ergonomic and efficient manner, so that all the people working in the kitchen have access to the products and appliances they want, without having commercial grills and other appliances clutter the space. Here are some effective steps that you can take to organize your commercial kitchen.

1. Assign areas
In the kitchen, make sure to assign certain areas for specific tasks. One specific area with combination ovens should be assigned to baking, the other with deep fryers to frying, and another for cutting and chopping. You can keep the cutting and chopping counter next to the deep fryer, or just next to the pizza ovens, but it should not be near the baking counter. By dividing the kitchen into areas, you are making it possible for people to find all the appliances and ingredients they need to finish one particular task in the same area. This will help you organize the kitchen, and it will save the amount of time and effort your cooks would have to put running around the kitchen.

2. Use latest options in your kitchen design
Latest advancements, such as drawer dividers, are certainly the biggest boon to commercial kitchens. They allow optimal utilization of the space. You can buy different kinds of dividers; so that you can put the food equipment in different drawers around your kitchen. You can arrange them in such a way that there will be no confusion regarding where to find specific appliances or utensils.

3. Think custom made
Nowadays, it has become incredibly easy for anyone to get custom-made kitchen counters and modular commercial kitchens. There is not too much of a difference between the cost of a custom made kitchen and a pre-designed one. However, by opting for a custom designed kitchen, you will be ensuring maximum utilization of space within your kitchen. You will also be able to avoid getting cupboards and drawers you do not want, and adding extra stoves, restaurant ovens and other storage spaces. By using this option, you can easily plan about allocating space for high-end equipment, such as Eswood dishwasher glass washer and Manitowoc ice machines even before purchasing them.

4. Separate sections
Since you are running a commercial establishment, it might be better for you to have separate sections for every equipment and ingredient in your kitchen. You need to have a separate storage section for wines and other bar equipment, such as commercial bar fridges and Manitowoc ice machines. You can also divide the pantry area into certain sections, so that there is enough space to store food and commercial cooking supplies, in addition to storing dishes and other dining equipment.
5. Opt for Close shelves
Open shelving looks amazing in residential kitchens- but it is not the way to go for commercial kitchens. In a commercial kitchen, you have to make sure that everything is in the right place and everything is clean. You can do this only by making sure that all the shelves are closed. This will keep the food items, commercial cooking supplies and expensive products like Goldstein oven range away from dirt and other pollutants in the kitchen.

6. Isolate the cleaning area
A commercial kitchen needs to be cleaned and washed frequently, so there has to be a separate area to store cleaning supplies, such as washtech dishwasher glass wear. The cleaning area should be sufficiently far away from the cooking area. By following these tips, you can make sure that you have a commercial kitchen that is well-organized and operates in a highly efficient manner.