The Types of Commercial Ovens Commonly Used in Restaurants and Eateries

Typically, ovens use gas or electricity for heating the air inside. The heated air then, helps in cooking or baking the food items inside it. Many people use their domestic ovens to produce or meet a variety of culinary needs. They also use their ovens for preparing dishes that are a part of various cuisines across the world. However, people do not use domestic ovens as frequently or as extensively as restaurant owners do.

If you were to visit the local market that sells restaurant catering equipment, you would find various kinds of commercial ovens. Some of these would be ideal only for particular types of cooking. This is why some of the larger restaurants often have a variety of commercial ovens. Having several ovens enables them to ensure that all the dishes they prepare or serve are as close to perfection as possible. The most common varieties of commercial ovens include:

 Convection Ovens: These come equipped with fans for circulating the air inside. This ensures that the food cooks evenly.
 Steam Ovens: These ovens have a reservoir of water within them. As they heat, they fill the oven chambers with steam. Cooks often use these ovens to make food tasty and juicy, without browning it.
 Conveyor Ovens: These ovens have a conveyor belt inside. The belt moves the food items slowly through the oven. This enables cooks to load raw food at one end and remove the cooked food at the other. These ovens are ideal for cooking large amounts of small to medium-sized food continuously.
 Toaster Ovens: These have two cooking elements that heat the food item from the top and from beneath as well. They are ideal for small food items.
Pizza Ovens: These feature a ceramic deck (or a heated stone). They also come with low ceilings to generate even dry heat. Cooks often use these for preparing several pizzas simultaneously.
 Finishing Ovens: Cooks use these for cooking only the surface of the food. Unlike steam ovens, these ovens are useful when cooks need the food to brown.
Combination Ovens: These ovens are a handy blend of steam ovens and dry convection ovens.