Get advantage from our extensive experience and expertise in commercial kitchen design and Consultancy Services

Channon is one of the leading brands in commercial kitchen design and consultancy services in Australia. We have been designing highly efficient commercial kitchens and installing high-end commercial kitchen equipment for decades now. Owing to our many years of experience and unmatched expertise in commercial kitchen design and construction industry, at Channon, we know firsthand what actually works in the real world. From bar fit outs to beer systems and from stainless steel fabrication to cold & cool rooms, we are here to make sure that your commercial kitchen design is perfect for your requirements and budget.

As one of the most trusted commercial kitchen design firms in Australia, Channon is the best company to look after your kitchen design project. From inception through implementation, we add unparalleled value to our clients’ kitchens by providing them truly end-to-end solutions. Most business owners in the food service industry have realized by now the numerous advantages of hiring a single competent contractor for their commercial kitchen projects. Instead of approaching different companies to take care of the various aspects of the project, it makes a better sense to contact a company that has the skilled and experienced technicians and state-of-the-art machinery to do everything for you.

At Channon, we can accomplish everything for you in your commercial kitchen project while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Apart from optimizing your time and budget, we make sure that the construction and installation processes make a minimal impact on your existing workflow. In fact, almost everything related to your commercial kitchen project that is on your mind ranging from energy efficiency to equipment, we make it a point to take into account everything while designing your dream kitchen.

We use the cutting-edge CAD designing tools along with the expertise of our engineers and project managers to provide our clients with absolutely flawless, creative and innovative commercial kitchen design solutions. At Channon, we believe that no two projects are the same and each has its own set of challenges. This is precisely the reason why our design and consultancy team work closely with all clients who approach us with their unique vision of the project.

From initial concept design stages to the installation of kitchen equipment, Channon is here provide you with exemplary services and make your kitchen design project a hassle-free experience for you.

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