The Differences Between Cooking at Home and in a Commercial Kitchen

Cooking in a commercial kitchen is very different from cooking at home. At home, you have a predetermined list of items to prepare for a fixed number of people. To account for last minute changes, you might need to prepare an additional dish or two. However, the chefs or cooks in a commercial kitchen don’t have these luxuries. They could experience times when they are idle, waiting for customers to arrive. Alternatively, they might have several orders to deal with, as they race against time to serve the dishes as early as possible.

Moreover, the dishes they prepare might even belong to different cuisines. Therefore, they will be alternating between getting the ingredients ready from the kitchen fridges to handling all kinds of commercial cookery equipment. In peak times, they might not have the bandwidth to get the ingredients ready for each order as and when it comes. To reduce their workload in peak times, these cooks often resort to keeping the ingredients common to several dishes ready beforehand. For this, they rely on specific cooking equipment like commercial food processors. Doing so, enables them to reduce the wait time from the time a customer places the order to the time they serve the customer