Essential Commercial Food Preparation Equipment for Quality Restaurants

Commercial food preparation equipment is essential for any quality restaurant in Sydney and across the world. There are thousands of ways to prepare food and there is most definitely the equipment out there that makes that job easier, more efficient, and professional. This type of equipment can be found at commercial catering online stores such as Below is a list of food preparation tools that can improve results in your kitchen dramatically.

Food Processor

The food processor is one of the most convenient tools out there for a restaurant, especially for a pizzeria. The food processor makes repetitive tasks much more bearable and less time-consuming. They are electric motor driven commercial food preparation appliances that come with an array of slicing attachments that can output different results depending on the food you are processing. Due to most components being detectable they are quite easy to clean and deficiently worth the investment.  Food Processors can be used to chop up onions, grind meats, beat egg whites and make fruit/vegetable juice among many other things.

Countertop plate warmers

This essential commercial food preparation equipment is a must-have for any restaurant. A cold plate can easily ruin a meal and a plat warmer prevents that from ever occurring. Plate warmers that can hold up to 32 plates and heat them to 90 degrees can be found on

Dough Divider

Dough Dividers come in handy for any restaurant involved with pastries. This device makes volumetric division a much less daunting task as it will do everything for you. Additionally, most dough dividers round for you also saving much needed time in the kitchen.


Commercial food preparation equipment comes in many sizes, depending on your restaurant size, and the volume you output determines the size of whether your equipment is heavy-duty. Slicers one of these devices that can come in many sizes. Most restaurants aren’t producing butcher levels of sliced meat so they go for a medium or small slicer. Slicers are used when kitchens need finely and accurately sliced meats that aren’t chopped up or messy which can sometimes be the case when using a food processor.