Factors to Consider when Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Eating or dining outside has become an increasingly popular trend these days. A decade or so ago, people only dined outside to celebrate special occasions. In business environments, dining outside meant that you had to entertain a client – whether existing or prospective. Alternatively, it came handy when celebrating corporate milestones or achievements of a workgroup or a team. This explains the rise in the number of restaurants and eateries in any city across Australia.

Why Domestic Kitchen Equipment might not be Beneficial for Commercial Kitchens

Several people open restaurants or catering establishments with a view to maximising profits whilst utilising their culinary skills. Therefore, they often overlook the importance of having the right tools and kitchen equipment for their work. The initial outlay of opening a commercial kitchen might be high. Therefore, business owners might not have sufficient capital for purchasing all the equipment they need. However, some owners even avoid purchasing necessary commercial equipment like commercial grills or kitchen fridges. Using normal kitchen appliances certainly saves them some money. However, it also results in delayed service timeframes and unhappy customers.

That ubiquitous ice maker or kitchen dishwasher that works perfectly in your house, might be good value for a family size of 10 to 15 people. However, it will hardly be sufficient for catering to the services of 125 to 150 people. Commercial kitchen equipment is more durable and hardy. Manufacturers design them with the ability to withstand rough use for long periods. Residential kitchen equipment, in contrast, is more aesthetically pleasing and designed for reduced workloads. Thus, business owners expecting their residential kitchen appliances to double up as commercial equipment could find themselves facing frequent breakdowns and increased maintenance expenses.

Points to Ponder Over Before Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When you commence a commercial kitchen business, you would not be able to purchase all the equipment you need simultaneously. Commercial equipment is hardy and often, bulky too. Therefore, it is also unsurprising that it would cost more than the corresponding residential kitchen equipment. Therefore, prioritising remains the key when you purchase commercial kitchen equipment in your city. Other aspects to consider before you buy commercial kitchen equipment are:

  • Your Budget: This effectively acts as your working space when you purchase equipment for your business. It would give you an idea of your working capital. It would also help you avoid going overboard at the mall. For people venturing into a new business, it makes better sense to spread their equipment to cover a range of kitchen utilities than to put all their eggs in the same basket.
  • Your Space: Equipment like commercial deep fryers could consume a lot of space. Therefore, plan the layout of your kitchen before you make your purchase. Knowing the dimensions of space available would help you buy smartly. It would also help you know exactly where to install your industrial mixers or your Goldstein oven range.
  • Your Homework: Before you purchase, speak to experts in the same business and check the type of equipment they use and recommend. Go online to research brands available and their price ranges and value. Look at online reviews for ascertaining the best supplier and manufacturer and cultivate a long- term relationship with the best.
  • Your Chosen Brand: As far as possible, purchase equipment from the same brand. This would help you achieve consistency and avoid issues of incompatibility.
  • Place Quality at a Premium: Always go for quality over cost. Buying inexpensive items could lead to frequent breakdowns and repairs that add to your initial expense. Choose right the first time and you won’t go wrong.
  • Ease of Use: Purchase equipment that is easy to install, maintain and use. Appliances that offer optimum output with minimal effort is always worthwhile.
  • Online or Offline: Buying online offers immense convenience. It also provides the chance to avail of high discounts. However, buying online should be the last step you take. Always visit the store first. Find equipment that meets your space and budget requirements and any suitable alternatives. Only after this should you purchase your dishwasher online. This would help you avoid the nuisance of buying the wrong appliance and then having to return it.

You might be tempted to cut corners and to purchase used kitchen equipment. As experts in the domain, we would recommend that you buy used equipment only once you know that you would be able to spot a dud from a value proposition. If you still want to purchase used equipment, buy it only from a reliable supplier of quality used products.

The Experts to Depend on for the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Australia

Established in 1976, Channon has been a premier provider of commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment and services. We offer you with the best value goods for your money. Additionally, we also offer you the best advice on equipment and products based on your requirements. This helps you get the most appropriate product at the best value. We complement this with manufacturer’s warranties, excellent customer service and the option to shop online too. Moreover, even if you’re looking for equipment to lease, we could be of help. Leasing kitchen equipment would also enable you to claim various tax benefits. Therefore, regardless of whether you want to buy fridges online or at a conventional store, Channon is the place to visit. Give your commercial kitchen a boost with the best equipment we have to offer. Call us at 1300 CHANNON for more information

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