What are the Four Categories of Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Experts typically divide commercial kitchen equipment into four categories. These include:

Food Preparation Equipment: To run a commercial kitchen, you will need a wide range of food preparation equipment. These appliances could help you prepare sauces and soups. Similarly, you will need cooktops for cooking or grilling meat and griddles for making crepes. Food preparation equipment will typically run on gas or on electricity. Examples include mixers, blenders, food warmers etc.
Commercial Frying Units: Every cuisine offers a plethora of fried dishes – especially those dishes that have meat or fish as the principle ingredient.
Refrigeration Units: These appliances are ideal for keeping food at the right temperature – both, before and after the preparation. These units make it easy to store food – especially food that is the main item on the menu. This in turn, enhances the efficiency with which the catering staff can serve their guests. Refrigeration units will also comprise under-the-counter freezers and beverage coolers. The latter ensures that drinks remain chilled and are ready to serve, when needed.
Washing Equipment: This equipment helps in keeping your utensils, pans and other containers clean and sterilised. Washing a number of pans and plates as quickly as possible is a necessity in commercial kitchens. Thus, many commercial kitchens will have top-of-the-line dishwashers. Alternatively, they will have high quality sinks, faucets and stainless steel washbasins.