Gravity Fed vs. Pump Fed

These features generally refer to how the soft serve ice cream mix is transported from the hopper into the freezing cylinder of the machine. There are two ways to achieve this process namely through gravity or by pump.
• Gravity – here, the mix is poured into the hopper first, and then it is moved to the freezing cylinder with the aid of gravity – basically, the mix just falls down from the hopper to the cylinder. Gravity machines have the advantage of being cheaper that pump machines. They are also easier to fix (should something go wrong with them).
• Pump – here, the mix is poured into the hopper, and then the hopper is pressurised, and this pressure is the one that pumps the mixture into the freezing cylinder. Many buyers usually prefer the pump machines because they have complete control with regards to the amount of air that will go into the soft serve ice cream, which usually affects the quality of the ice cream and thereby its cost.