How Does a Commercial Oven Differ from a Regular One Used in Australian Households?

You will seldom come across kitchens in Australia that do not feature an oven of any kind. Whether you come across a microwave oven or a conventional oven, the fact remains that most kitchens across the country will have an oven of some kind. In many cases, the oven has become synonymous with cooking a wide selection of cuisines and dishes. And, operating the oven hardly presents any difficulties, if at all. You will simply need to set the temperature, place the food on the rack and wait for the end of the cycle. This ease of use makes ovens highly popular in residential and commercial settings alike.


Many commercial kitchen owners will attest to the value that the Fagor oven range equipment offers in their Sydney facilities. Their ease of use and versatility makes these appliances a must have for owners of commercial kitchens. However, despite being simple to use, ovens can be pretty complicated as well. For starters, they come in a wide range of types and models. In addition, each model comes with an assortment of functions and features. So, if you do not have any knowledge or familiarity with ovens, you could easily make a mistake and purchase the wrong type of oven for your facility.


Not all owners of commercial kitchens have deep pockets and limitless budgets. For these individuals, each dollar can add up to a significant sum of money. Setting up a commercial kitchen will inevitably entail incurring a considerable amount of expenses first up. Hence, because these individuals do not have a lot of money to play with, they often end up purchasing domestic ovens and using them in commercial environments. Their lack of knowledge does not make them realise that domestic ovens can be ideal in a household that features four to six members. In these environments, the demands made of the oven will not be much. But, commercial kitchens make frequent, persistent and heavy-duty demands of their ovens. As a result, it will not be possible for the domestic oven to function for long in such a strenuous environment.


Experts urge commercial kitchen owners to avoid thinking of using domestic ovens in their facilities. Domestic ovens do not offer the power or the functionality that their commercial counterparts can. In addition, domestic ovens cannot withstand the strain of operating throughout the day either. In most cases, these appliances will work well when used not more than a few times each day. However, domestic ovens will come into use several times a day in a commercial environment. As such, it comes as no surprise that these appliances will start malfunctioning and breaking down more frequently.


Besides this, restaurant ovens in Sydney and other places can handle larger volumes of food than their domestic counterparts. Chefs often need to prepare many ingredients for various dishes throughout the day. So, they will keep turning to their ovens to meet this objective. But, domestic ovens will hardly be able to hold enough food at a time. As a result, you will find your chefs having to perform repetitive tasks several times each day, which will inevitably affect their efficiency levels.


In contrast, commercial ovens have the ability to handle the stress and strain associated with use in commercial settings. Thus, they will be able to withstand frequent and persistent daily use. They will also be able to heat faster than domestic ovens. And, they will not fall apart or break down if you operate them for longer spans of time each day. These traits attest to the high levels of durability and reliability that commercial ovens offer. Moreover, commercial ovens usually conform to the prescribed restaurant health and safety codes as well. This can be essential because commercial kitchens can be tough places to operate in. Because they will experience frequent and rough use, commercial ovens need to come with extensive safety features. These features can play an essential role in minimising the risks of fire and other hazards. Thus, if you have not bought a commercial oven for your restaurant yet, you could be missing something.

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