How Should Commercial Kitchen Staff Go About Cleaning their Commercial Range Hoods?

People working in commercial kitchens would know the amount of activities that take place at any time in the kitchen. With several people preparing dishes at the same time, splatters and spills will invariably take place at any given point in time. In many cases, these activities take a heavy toll on the range hood. As mentioned earlier, if you run a large chain of restaurants and hotels, you will have higher budgets. As such, you will be able to hire professional cleaning companies for keeping your kitchens clean. But, for smaller enterprises, this is not an option. Thus, they need to clean their appliances and range hoods by themselves. It is worth highlighting that keeping your Baron combination ovens and range hoods clean is quite beneficial. Not only can this improve safety and efficiency levels in the kitchen. It can help you save money instead of having to spend it on costly repairs. This is especially so because grease that accumulates in filters or pans could easily become a fire hazard.

For cleaning the commercial range hood:

  • Turn off all the appliances such as the pilot lights and the fryers and let them cool down
  • Place plastic tarpaulins over all counters and surfaces to avoid contamination from grease or cleaners
  • Add a liquid degreaser to a large bucket of hot water
  • Remove the grease pans and filters and tip them into trash containers for draining off the grease
  • Use paper towels for wiping off the surface of the pans and filters and removing all lose debris
  • Spray the degreaser onto the items and scrub them with a cleaning brush for removing the surface debris that usually sticks to commercial deep fryers and other such appliances
  • Place the pieces into the bucket of hot water and scrub them again
  • Soak the filters in the hot water and fill another bucket for soaking the filters and pans
  • Wipe the inner surface and the piping on the range with a wet scrub pad saturated with hot water and liquid detergent
  • Scrub the surface to remove any substances that are stuck and rinse and reload the pad until the surfaces are completely clean
  • Use paper towels for wiping off the surfaces to remove all residual soap
  • Spray all areas with the degreaser and scrub them once again
  • Use wet paper towels for removing the grease and cleaning agents that typically adhere to the surfaces of commercial range hoods and commercial mixers
  • Dry the hood and pipes with clean towels
  • Scrub the grease off the filters and pans soaked in hot water with a brush and,
  • Rinse them with fresh water before letting them dry and reinstalling them