How Should You Go About Buying a New Commercial Dishwasher?

When it comes to commercial kitchens, keeping all the appliances and equipment in good working condition can be very important. These appliances can endure rough use. They can work in strenuous and heavy-duty environments. But, this does not mean that they can operate at optimal levels all the time. Unless you take care of your equipment, it will not last you for any length of time. Even worse, some of these appliances could end up malfunctioning and breaking down when you least expect them to.

In such situations, you will find yourself counting the money you have lost because of a malfunctioning appliance. In addition, no restaurant owner would like to be in a situation where the food becomes cold because of the wait for a clean dish. For these reasons, replacing the commercial dishwashers in your Sydney facility might be something that you should consider taking more seriously than you currently do.


Before you replace your dishwasher, you will need to ascertain which type of dishwasher you wish to purchase. Glasswashers can be ideal for washing glassware. In many cases, restaurants will not have as high a turnaround rate for glasses as bars and nightclubs do. But, having a glasswasher in your facility could enable you to get your fragile glassware cleaned more thoroughly and safely.

Similarly, if you have a small kitchen, you might want to buy an undercounter dishwasher that makes optimal utilisation of the space available. This appliance can be quite handy in bars and cafes. Lastly, if you have the budget, pass-through dishwashing units might be valuable investments. They can complete multiple parts of the washing cycle at one, thereby delivering large numbers of thoroughly clean dishes. Pot or utensil washers can be useful for heavy-duty cleaning. And, cutlery polishers can be handy for polishing the cutlery after washing.


Because of the numerous varieties of commercial dishwashers on offer, you will need to do your homework before you go shopping. It might be a good idea to be aware of some of the parameters on which you could compare various dishwashers such as:


  • Their Size: Ascertain the dimensions of the space where you plan to keep the new dishwasher. Only after this should you purchase a new unit. Buying a new dishwasher could be useless if it does not fit the allocated space.


  • Their Capacity and Speed: Many restaurant owners buy dishwashers based on their average daily output. However, this method can often lead you towards making the wrong selection. Instead, compute the number of dishes that you will need cleaned during peak demand times. Then, select a dishwasher that offers a similar capacity output. Many commercial dishwashers can clean a rack of plates within a minute.


  • The Overall Expenses: Finding combination ovens in Sydney or other places poses little difficulty. However, you will not want to buy all of them – especially those that exceed your budget. Similarly, pick a dishwasher that fits into your budget. In addition, include the maintenance and servicing costs to ensure that it will continue to be within your budget. Also, select an energy-efficient and water-efficient model. This could yield you a considerable amount of savings in the long-term.


  • Their Health and Safety Features: Pass-through dishwashers eliminate the need for workers to bend over the appliance all day long. If your staff need to wash dishes throughout the day, a bent posture could lead to the emergence of various health-related concerns. Similarly, lifting heavy racks can be problematic in busy kitchens. Conveyor dishwashers eliminate this risk.


  • The Ease of Use: If you buy a dishwasher that has too many features, your workers could find it intimidating to use. Consider the fact that your staff will use the dishwasher several times each day. This will necessitate picking a unit that remains inherently simple to operate.


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