How Should You Go About Purchasing Used Kitchen Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen?

It is worth highlighting that purchasing new kitchen fridges and other appliances is easy. These products come with manufacturer’s warranties. As such, should anything go wrong, you won’t need to pay for costly repairs. In many cases, the supplier might even replace the item with a new one too. But, this is not what happens when you purchased used appliances. Some restaurant owners purchased used equipment in the hope of saving some money. However, they didn’t carry out the necessary due diligence when making their purchases. As a result, they found themselves stranded when the appliance broke down.

To avoid such issues, it’s best to consider the following tips when you purchase used catering equipment:

  • Opt for gently used equipment or equipment that has been used for three years or lesser because these will offer longer lifespans
  • Select gas cooking equipment as these typically feature fewer moving parts which minimise the chances of the occurrence of any major issues\
  • Select cooking appliances offered by some of the best brands in the industry as they will be more durable and long-lasting
  • Avoid purchasing used commercial deep fryers as they could cause a fire as they combine an open flame with cooking oil (consider purchasing new fryers as they are relatively inexpensive)
  • Shop for dented or scratched equipment as many suppliers offer these items at affordable rates even though they are brand new and completely functional\
  • Enquire whether the supplier will test the equipment or give you a demo so that you can avoid purchasing faulty or non-functional items
  • Invest in appliances that still have a warranty cover – this is especially so if the equipment has not been used for long
  • Ensure that you obtain the operating manual for the appliances you purchase and,
  • Always find a reputed and authorised dealer for purchasing used appliances from