How to Find the Right Commercial Oven for Your Restaurant

Whether you purchases commercial food processors or commercial mixers, you’ll need a lot of funds to equip your restaurant appropriately. You could consider taking a loan to fund your purchases. However, you’ll need to remember that you will need to repay the amount with the relevant interest as well. If you’re just setting up your restaurant, consider purchasing used kitchen equipment. Alternatively, consider leasing your equipment from a reliable supplier. Once your business starts generating profits, you could purchase new equipment.

As mentioned earlier, commercial ovens are a necessity for a restaurant to thrive. Finding commercial deep fryers and ovens in a mall is not difficult. However, ascertaining whether it is the right model to purchase can be important. Ideally, the kind of food you intend serving and the number of guests that you expect to serve each day will be the key indicators of the kind of oven you purchase.

Therefore, consider purchasing a:

Convection oven, if you primarily want to serve well heated meals and require high levels of reliability
Conveyor oven, if you need to prepare several meals at the same time in a high volume restaurant e.g. pizzerias etc.

However, you’ll also need to ensure that your kitchen has the appropriate space for storing the oven, without cramping your kitchen. Similarly, check the type of fuel that your oven will require. These could inflate the overall expenses of your restaurant in the long run. Gas-powered ovens enable you to control the heat instantly. In addition, gas baking typically offers moist heating, which produces moister baked goods with a better crust. This is especially so as the by-products of combustion e.g. carbon dioxide and water vapour, pass through the oven before exiting the unit.

In contrast, electric ovens typically heat food items with direct and dry heat. As a result, the baked goods produced will usually be much drier. In addition, they will not have as lengthy a shelf life as baked goods produced in a gas-powered oven.