How to Spot the Best Commercial Blender for Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

A commercial blender is an appliance that not many people can do without. Hence, you will always spot a blender in a residential kitchen or a commercial one. When you’re shopping for commercial cookery equipment, you will want to include a commercial blender on your list of purchases. Without it, your staff could find it hard to prepare the ingredients for various dishes. Whether you need a blender for your restaurant or bar, you’ll need to evaluate various parameters before making your purchases. In the past, people often looked at the price of the appliance and the warranties before they bought it. In contemporary times, rising awareness levels have made the act of purchasing these appliances slightly more complex. However, this is probably natural when you consider the amount you’ll be shelling out for purchasing the blender.

Some of the aspects you’ll need to consider when shopping for a commercial blender include:

  • The Motor Power: Similar to commercial mixers, your commercial blender will need to pack a lot of power. The more powerful the motor, the faster you’ll be able to grind, chop and smoothen food ingredients. Powerful motors also enhance the grinding ability of the blender. For instance, a blender with a powerful motor will easily be able to grind hard ingredients such as ice.
  • The Functioning of the Motor: After the output wattage, you’ll need to consider how the motor operates. Commercial blenders abound with similar levels of power, but with a considerable difference in price. This difference typically stems from the fact that one motor will feature speed toggling capability, while the other will not. Older models typically featured toggle knobs. These usually ended up with a lot of food particles stuck in them, which made these blenders hard to clean. Blenders with speed toggling enable you to go between speeds and functions. They come with touch controls as well. Hence, you can easily clean these blenders by wiping them.
  • The Capacity: When you purchase an Ice-O- Matic Ice Maker Machine, you’ll estimate the amount of ice you require. Similarly, when you shop for a blender, you’ll need to determine which capacity works best for you.
  • Miscellaneous Factors: Besides these aspects, you’ll need to consider the price and the warranties on offer. Moreover, it’s also useful to buy a blender that is easy to use, clean and maintain.