Importance of Maintaining Commercial Food Preparation Equipment

With so many appliances in a commercial kitchen, it comes as no surprise that this brings a lot of maintenance tasks to keep things running smoothly. Poorly maintained kitchen equipment may greatly reduce efficiency and can even put safety and hygiene at risk. Many of the tasks in maintaining commercial food preparation equipment can be done by chefs but some require professionals. Some of the tasks which can be performed by restaurant owners include cleaning or replacing grease filters, checking for gas links, and boiling out deep frying equipment. Refrigerators are another important piece of commercial food preparation equipment to maintain.

As refrigeration is a main method of protecting food safety, it is vital to keep them maintained for good health. Refrigeration supplies are maintained by several means. Firstly, regular deep cleans prevent mold or dirt buildup from damaging food or parts. Next, the condenser coils and door seals must be inspected and cleaned frequently, if there are faults found, the parts should be replaced by a professional promptly. Finally, all tubing should be checked for signs of blockage. It is in all kitchens best interest to keep refrigeration supplies maintained, as there may be penalties from food safety authorities.

The Channon maintenance team can help you keep your Channon commercial food preparation equipment in good working order. They offer comprehensive maintenance programs for an annual fee or quarterly checks for preventative fixes. They can also offer cleaning and maintenance training for refrigeration supplies and other equipment among other services. Read more about out maintenance program on our website.

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