In the Catering Business, What Types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Are a Must-Have?

There are numerous restaurants throughout Australia. Each one offers a unique range of dishes. Not surprisingly, many of these dishes will require specific equipment needed for preparing that specific dish. Depending on the fare you plan to offer, you will need certain specialised cooking equipment. Some kinds of items that you will require include:

  • Cooking Ranges: Many commercial cooking ranges today feature one to 12 burners. The higher the number of burners, the faster it becomes to cook food. Ideally, it’s best to purchase a cooking range based on the size of the restaurant. For instance, consider using six or seven burners in a restaurant with an occupancy level of 150 people or less. Many commercial catering businesses prefer using gas-based cooking ranges. This is because electric ovens usually take much longer to heat up. This invariably impacts efficiency levels. At the same time, it contributes to higher energy bills as well. Some restaurants use burners for sautéing and baking too. If you require to heat up food quickly, consider purchasing a broiler. Buy convection ovens if you require quick and even baking. Similarly, you might want to consider purchasing Baron combination ovens. These ovens typically combine the features of a convection oven with a steamer. The Goldstein GVCC1011 combi oven is one of the most popular ovens in Australia currently.
  • Commercial Griddles: If you plan to serve pancakes, bacon, eggs and hamburgers in your restaurant, you will need to purchase a griddle. Griddles usually feature thick or thin plates. The latter provide even heat distribution and lower heat retention. The former require lesser energy to heat up faster. In addition, while they offer faster heat recovery, they could warp with time. As a result, the thin plates might not facilitate the even distribution of heat. In contrast, thick plates require higher energy for heating up. But, they last for longer than thin plate griddles too.
  • Commercial Microwave Ovens: Microwave ovens usually come in three varieties i.e. heavy-duty, light-duty and steam. Heavy-duty microwave ovens are ideal for larger restaurants. They occupy more space. Moreover, they consume higher power too. But, they typically incorporate some model-specific special features. And, they can reheat food much faster too. Light-duty microwave ovens are ideal for smaller restaurants. Microwave ovens with steamers help in keeping the food items fresh and moist. This helps the food retain its flavour.
  • Walk-in Coolers: This refers to a large storage space for fruits, vegetables and beverages. These coolers come in an assortment of sizes. Always pick a cooler that is well insulated and energy efficient. This is why wooden walk-in coolers are not worth purchasing. Wood is a poor insulator. Moreover, it tends to absorb moisture too. Pick a cooler with a secure latch. This would prevent the cold air from escaping from the unit.
  • Freezers: These units are ideal for storing doughs, meats and fish. Freezers come in an array of sizes. The smaller upright roll-in freezers are useful in small spaces. Solid door freezers are bigger and come with wheels. Some models even feature single, double or triple door designs. Under-counter freezers or worktop freezers are beneficial in case you require additional space for preparing food.
  • Commercial Dishwashers: Buying a dishwasher online is hardly a challenge these days. Numerous vendors offer a wide range of commercial dishwashers. These appliances help in keeping dishes clean and sanitised. Purchasing a deep sink with a special hose can be useful. It can help in rinsing excess food off the plates, Larger restaurants use conveyor dishwashers. These dishwashers can wash hundreds of plates in an hour. Always check the interior clearance of the dishwasher before you buy it. This will help you gauge the height of the dishes that the appliance can handle. Also, check whether the conveyor belt runs from left to right or vice versa. This direction must suit the design of your kitchen. High-temperature dishwashers are quite popular among restaurant owners. This is because these appliances tend to clean better. Moreover, they can flash dry for removing water spots. The Hobart Ecomax 602 (dishwasher) is one of the most popular models these days.

Other equipment that you’ll need to purchase include fryers, waffle irons, rice cookers, floor mats, preparation tables etc.

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