Is Purchasing a Display Fridge for Your Commercial Kitchen Worthwhile?

When you walk into a café or a delicatessen, you will invariably find yourself looking at the products on display in the facility. However, more often than not, you will find yourself admiring the food items placed inside the display fridge. Items such as muffins, brownies, pastries etc. often end up enticing customers to purchase them. This is what makes display fridges an integral part of the marketing strategy of any café or restaurant.

These fridges usually display their wares in a prominent location in the restaurant. Thus, in many cases, you will find these display fridges acting as partitions behind which the staff work. So, if you want to place an order or make an enquiry, you will need to speak to the restaurant employee across the display fridge. In other words, avoiding the products displayed in these fridges is next to impossible.

Suppliers of commercial blast freezers and chillers will invariably offer display fridges of various kinds. These fridges are ideal for displaying an assortment of perishable food items. The latest models of display fridges offer an array of controls. Thus, you will be able to use the digital controllers in the fridge for changing the temperature mode. Similarly, some display fridges offer low noise and automatic defrost options too. Display fridges featuring illuminated shelves are also becoming increasingly common with each passing day.

The greatest benefit of investing in display fridges lies in using them as a means for marketing your wares. Grabbing the customer’s attention with these fridges is all too easy. It is interesting to see that while these fridges occupy prime positions in the restaurant, yet no customer will find them to be conspicuous. This is why many café and restaurant owners use these fridges for selling their frozen and perishable goods.

Not all commercial kitchen owners need to invest in display fridges. So, if you’re only providing full-fledged meals and an assortment of grilled or roasted snacks, you might not want to purchase these fridges. Instead, you could consider purchasing restaurant ovens for your commercial kitchen in Sydney or other places. On the contrary, if you’re running a café or a delicatessen, these fridges can be essential for the survival of your business. Display fridges also offer various other benefits. They can:

  • Display Your Products Inconspicuously: Food businesses such as bakeries, ice cream parlours, delicatessens etc. need display fridges for exhibiting their wares to the customers. These fridges do not only keep the products fresh. They serve to display items that the restaurant owner might otherwise find hard to sell.
  • Grab the Attention of Your Customers: Display fridges can keep the food items fresh and chilled until you need to serve them. They often boost sales because customers can view the products easily and order them. This ensures that customers will only get what they see.
  • Be Hygienic: Unlike reach-in fridges sold by restaurant catering equipment suppliers in Sydney and other places, display fridges only enable customers to see the products and not touch them. Thus, the food remains safe from contamination.
  • Be Visually Appealing: Display fridges are not only functional and practical. They are visually appealing too. They can make your facility look more attractive, while keeping your food items fresh.
  • Be Versatile: Display fridges come in curved or straight glass configurations. As such, you could use them for storing your perishable food items. More importantly, these fridges can double up as counters, thereby providing invaluable countertop space near the cash counter.