What are the Main Types of Equipment Used in a Commercial Kitchen?

When you plan to set up a commercial kitchen, you need to ensure that it has the necessary appliances and equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment comprises six types of equipment. These include:

Cooking Equipment: These are perhaps the most basic and most important types of equipment in a commercial kitchen. Items falling in this category are useful for preparing various kinds of dishes. Convection ovens and stoves are the main types of items in this category. Most restaurant ovens run on either gas or electricity. However, gas-powered ovens are more popular as they eliminate the high power bills resulting from the use of electric-powered ovens.

In addition, the heavy-duty use of ovens in commercial kitchens often makes electric-powered ovens malfunction. Therefore, gas-powered ovens like the Baron Combination Ovens are quite popular these days. Stainless steel equipment is worthwhile investing in because it offers high levels of robustness. In addition, look for ovens that have cast iron burners. These are highly resistant to various cleaning chemicals. Moreover, the use of cast iron negates issues like the clogging of the burner.