One Stop Shop For All Things Cooking Equipment Australia

Channon is the market leader in the provision off all cooking equipment and restaurant catering equipment in Australia. Channon has developed a strong reputation as the one-stop shop for all requirements when it comes to refrigeration services and cooking equipment in Australia. 24/7 365 days a year refrigeration technical service and installation are available through Channon and every technician is qualified and prepared to give optimum levels of service and customer care at all times.

There is a significant amount of variety and options to choose from when purchasing from Channon from bakery equipment down to ice machines, dishwashers, food preparation equipment, and more. From respected quality brands such as Hobart dishwashers, Frymaster deepfryers, Manitowoc ice machines and more. Channon makes acquisition of cooking and restaurant catering equipment in Australia simple and stress-free with supplying restaurants in Australia with a one-stop-shop that meets all the needs of large or small restaurants at affordable prices. Channon has been a refrigeration service company since 1976 and this is where their services exceed any other business in Australia, this coupled with their supply of Cooking equipment makes them an invaluable asset to any restaurant in Australia.