Refrigeration Features

Like any other refrigeration machines like Austune Turbo Air Refrigeration, SKOPE TME 1000 Upright (display) fridge, Sanden YPC-120SR underbench fridge, or any other kitchen fridges for that matter, the refrigeration component of a soft serve ice cream machine also begs consideration. These machines come with a compressor, and more often than not, they will require some special specifications with regards to placement or installation. For instance, some compressors may require that they be placed with a certain amount of clearance from the walls (as is the case for floor model soft serve ice cream machines) or other electrical equipment (like in the case of a countertop model). Then there’s the ‘environment’ issue, where eco-friendly shop owners will spend time in looking for CFC free models. In addition to these is the cooling factor where you have air cooled and water cooled, with the former being cheaper and easier to maintain (but consumes high amounts of power) and the latter producing lesser noise, heat, and consumes lesser electricity.