Restaurant Catering Equipment for a Sydney Restaurant: A checklist

There is most definitely a checklist of resturant catering equipment that must be checked off prior to opening a commercial restaurant in Sydney. The best equipment is needed in order to prepare and sell food on time whilst delivering quality, you can’t go cheap when it comes to kitchen quality but there are some tips that you can follow to streamline quality without having to spend a stupid amount of money.

Firstly you will most likely be stocking large amounts of food ingredients that need to be kept fresh for lengthy periods of time. For that very reason you will need a high quality commercial refrigerator. This is an obvious one for obvious reasons however the management of refrigeration is one of the most important factors in running a restaurant. There also needs to be a system thought of for entering and leaving the refrigerator and the shelving of food inside.  Read through previous blogs on to find out more about commercial refrigerators.

The next essential piece of restaurant catering equipment for your new Sydney restaurant is a commercial grill. Another obvious one, however it is of the upmost importance that you choose the appropriate sizing for the scale of your restaurant. You should using the space you can but also at the same time not wasting space. Positioning of these grills is also vital for the logistical side of your kitchen when getting around.

Ice Machine, commercial cooking suppliers in Sydney understands the value of an ice machine in a kitchen, do you? A restaurant cannot be ran without one of these, it is absolutely essential for serving cold drinks on a large level including Margaritas, smoothies and countless others types.

A point of sale system is needed for all types of business but a restaurant especially (this also includes a printer). It’s obvious for accounting purposes but maybe not as obvious for communication with the kitchen staff. A system needs to be made that makes the flow of ordering and receiving food in the restaurant as fluid as possible without confusion. For that reason a POS system with a printer must be checked off this list of Restaurant catering equipment for Sydney restaurants before opening one.

Maintaining safety regulations requires that you purchase a large amount of safety equipment this includes: Oven mits, aprons, goggles, wet floor signs, fire extinguishers, cameras, etc. All important in keeping customers and staff safe around the restaurant/kitchen.

Furthermore, hear is a small list of obvious honorable mentions that also cannot be missed:

  • Oven
  • Deep-Fryer
  • Cookware Linens

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