Quick guide to restaurant catering equipment maintenance

It is important that catering equipment is maintained well in order to get trouble free service from them. Regular maintenance not only ensures that the equipment works efficiently, but it also prolongs its life. Irrespective of the type of equipment you have in your restaurant, you need to take steps to ensure regular cleaning and upkeep, and see to it that any defects are identified and rectified in time. Here are some quick and simple tips for commercial cooking equipment maintenance:
• All new restaurant catering equipment such as commercial blenders, commercial cool rooms, combination ovens, cooking ovens, and menumaster commercial microwaves are covered by a warranty. So, the first step to protect your equipment is to fill the warranty form, and return it back to the cooking equipment wholesaler.
• All procedures for cleaning and maintenance of the equipment are available in the owner’s manual. So, the moment you purchase a particular piece of equipment, take some time out to read the manual to understand everything that you will need to do for the proper upkeep of the equipment.
• It is important that the restaurant staff is given training on the proper use and regular maintenance of the equipment.
• There is nothing as important as regular cleaning of commercial kitchen equipment such as restaurant ovens, Barron combination ovens, Eswood dishwashers, combination ovens, or any other appliance. Reserve a day in a week or month depending on the kind of equipment for thorough cleaning. This prevents build up of grime and dust and keeps the equipment working efficiently. Moreover, it keeps the health inspectors happy too.
• Regularly inspect all connections, moving parts, and others components to see if there are any leaks, or wear and tear. Doing this will ensure that all defects are detected in time before they turn into something big that requires expensive repair or treatment.
• Make sure do not delay replacement of any worn out parts as it can severely hamper the performance of your restaurant catering equipment, and may necessitate more expensive repairs or replacement.
• You may feel that DIY repairs can save you a lot of money, but on the contrary, you can end up spending a lot more by making problems worse. So, whenever you need any repairs done the best thing to do is to call up an authorised service technician.
We hope these tips would help in proper maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment. Stay tuned to our blog for more buying guides, and care and maintenance tips.
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