Should You Go for a Gas-Powered Commercial Oven or an Electric-Powered One?

A closer look at the wide range of commercial ovens in the Sydney facility of a supplier of commercial kitchen equipment will reveal a wide range of options. So, you could end up coming across rotisserie ovens, deck ovens, pizza ovens etc. If you entered the facility with the objective of acquiring a regular oven, these varieties of ovens could leave you stumped. It goes without saying that each of these types of ovens offers specialised features. Thus, you will need to consider which of these ovens will meet your requirements the best. Even if you decide to stick to your plan and purchase a conventional commercial oven, you will need to state your requirements. After all, conventional ovens come with a wide selection of features too. Based on your preferences and requirements, you will finally be able to zone in on the commercial oven that best suits your needs.

When it comes to commercial ovens, you will invariably find yourself wondering whether to buy a gas-powered unit or one that runs on electricity. Both have their benefits. And, both would suit specific situations. Electric ovens will usually be relatively cheaper in terms of their upfront cost. Installing them is remarkably easy too. In some cases, you might need to hardwire the oven to the electricity supply of your restaurant. These ovens rely on fans to facilitate the even distribution of heat. So, they enable chefs to provide consistent dishes at each time of asking. Electric commercial ovens will also be more efficient when it comes to converting energy into heat. Experts opine that less heat escapes from an electric oven than from a gas oven.

Some suppliers of restaurant ovens in Sydney and other places might recommend gas ovens. These commercial ovens produce a flame instantaneously. Thus, they do not need to wait for the element to heat up to start cooking the food. Similarly, once you extinguish the flame, it goes out instantly. As a result, commercial gas ovens will cool much more rapidly than their electric counterparts. Gas ovens do not produce much ambient heat either when not in use. This makes them more desirable than electric ovens. Food service industry experts believe that gas hobs offer better flame control features. Thus, altering the temperature will enable you to notice the change visibly. This feature enables chefs to control the temperature they cook at to produce dishes that offer high levels of consistency. Electric ovens do not offer this feature.

Commercial gas ovens also come with lower running costs. As a result, you can finish cooking a lot more dishes for your money than you would be able to with a commercial electric oven. It can be worth mentioning that in commercial kitchen setups, the savings offered by gas or electric ovens will not be visible in the immediate future. However, when you add the high volumes of cooking that take place in the facility day after day, you will be able to see the savings adding up. The numerous benefits they offer make commercial gas ovens more popular than their electric counterparts. But, you could consider a noteworthy alternative as well i.e. the commercial dual fuel cooker. This appliance features an electric fan oven that supports a gas hob. If you purchase this oven, you will get the controls that gas hobs usually offer in addition to the even temperature that electric ovens provide.