Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Volume

One of the biggest misconceptions that many first-time buyers have with regards to soft serve ice cream machines is that the size generally determines the volume of the ice cream it can produce. Although this may be true for other kitchen appliances like a commercial microwave oven or commercial blenders (after all, the bigger they are the more food you can squeeze into them), it is not always the case for a soft serve ice cream machine – the size or capacity of the soft serve ice cream machine does not determine the volume (or how much ice cream) the machine can produce. When it comes to soft serve ice cream machines, the volume is determined by how many servings the machine can produce in a minute.
Let’s take for instance a 4 ounce serving size. A low volume machine will general produce 2 or 3 servings of such size in a minute, whereas a medium volume machine will produce twice as much, about 3 to 7 servings per minute. It goes without saying that a high volume soft serve ice cream machine will be able to produce more – think 7 servings and above – in the same amount of time.
Naturally, low volume soft serve ice cream machines will be way cheaper than its other two counterparts, but remember that you will have to continuously refill the hopper every now and then, which can be quite bothersome especially if you’re running a pretty busy kitchen or diner.